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Fleet Managment

GPS Tracking That's Powerful and Easy to Use

Fleet Management is an easy and affordable service for business owners to better manage vehicles, employees and their business overall. This service uses hardware that fits easily under the vehicle's dashboard, along with a simple web interface to see where everyone is.

Fleet Management lets you track your vehicles to see where they traveled today, yesterday, or any date you are interested in. You can set alert zones and receive emails or text messages that the vehicle entered or left a zone. Define a zone either by drawing a polygon, or set a radius around a specific location and receive automatic alerts about the vehicle arriving and leaving the zone.


  • Easy to use and easy to install
  • User-defined zones: customized polygon or create a radius around a specific location
  • Alerts via email or text message
  • Travel Management- starts, stops, and miles traveled
  • Reports on-demand or scheduled
  • Customizable speed alerts
  • Integrated with Google Maps
  • Automated reports by email


The Essential Tool for Your Industry 

Some of the industries benefitting from fleet tracking include: agriculture and farming, utility companies, chemical companies, construction, energy and mining, food and beverage, government, HVAC and plumbing, landscaping, mobile workforce, passenger transport, public safety, and school districts. Benefits include: 

  • Save on fuel in more ways than ever.
  • Ensure safer driving.
  • Eliminate unauthorized vehicle use.
  • Reduce overtime.
  • Keep insurance bills manageable.
  • Strengthen security.
  • Reduce repair costs and streamline maintenance.  
  • Many insurance companies offer discounts to businesses that deploy Fleet Management.


It all adds up to incredible ROI!


Manage My Fleet