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Share the data on all devices!

The Shared Data Plan gives you the flexibility to upgrade to a new device whenever you want, while saving money!

  • • Pay for your device in 30 monthly payments, or less
  • • No finance charges
  • • Upgrade as often as you choose

*Shared Data customers agree to pay for their wireless device in 30 monthly payments, or in full at any point in their agreement. Available only on current published rate plans. See Freedom Program agreement for complete information and financial responsibility details.

Starting at
$0.00 /month

0 devices with 0 MB data


Choose the number of devices that will share data.


Choose how much data will be shared among devices. Carryover data included, expires after 60 days.

Need more than 2GB of data? Check out our Unlimited Plans or contact our Customer Care team today for more options.


  • Smartphone ($20/each) x 0= $0/month
  • Basic Phone ($20/each) x 0= $0/month
  • Tablet ($10/each) x 0= $0/month
  • Internet Device ($20/each) x 0= $0/month
  • Data - 4G (0) = $0/month


$0/per month

"This quoted cost is an estimate and does not include taxes, additional features, etc."
Want a 2 year service agreement? Contact Customer Care or stop by your local store for information!

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