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About Nex-Tech Wireless


Nex-Tech Wireless, a subsidiary of Rural Telephone/Nex-Tech, Golden Belt Telephone, Mutual Telephone and Tri-County Telephone, is a premiere wireless provider offering high-tech wireless solutions to residents in 40 counties of central and western Kansas as well as local coverage to 4 counties in Colorado. Nex-Tech Wireless focuses on providing its customers cutting-edge technology including 4G LTE data and mobile services, as well as the latest wireless equipment and competitive wireless plans that provide nationwide coverage.

Why choose Nex-Tech Wireless?

Great coverage! Nex-Tech Wireless has more towers in our local area than any other company. Customer service from the people you’ve come to know and trust. Access to the largest all digital network in the United States. Technology that works for you at home, work or play!


When you choose Nex-Tech Wireless, your money stays at home!

Local chapters of charitable organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters, United Way and the American Red Cross all benefit from the dollars spent with your local wireless provider, Nex-Tech Wireless.


A great variety of calling plans and phone technology!

With a variety of plans including contract and no contract plans and business packages, Nex-Tech Wireless has the perfect plan for anyone! Plus, if you want the latest and greatest wireless phone technology, Nex-Tech Wireless has you covered.


There is always a great deal waiting for you at Nex-Tech Wireless!

For more information, visit Nex-Tech Wireless online, any of our 40+ locations, or call Customer Service at 877-621-2600Call: 877-621-2600 where a friendly customer care representative is ready to answer your questions!


30-day Worry-Free Guarantee

· Customers have no risk with the "30-day Worry-Free Guarantee". Customers may bring back the phone with all equipment and disconnect if the service has failed to meet their expectations for a full refund, minus usage.

· Customers who are unsure of our coverage can "test" our coverage, worry-free.

· For more information please see our Terms & Conditions or Satisfaction Guarantee.


No contract extension for rate plan changes

· Nex-Tech Wireless will not extend the contracts of our customers who choose to change their rate plans. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to Nex-Tech Wireless.


Early Upgrades

· In order to retain customer loyalty, Nex-Tech Wireless allows customers to upgrade at 22- months, as opposed to the 24-month time period of the other carriers.

· Earlier upgrades are permitted on a case-by-case basis. Length of time and generated revenues are taken into consideration when contemplating the "earlier" upgrades.


Contact Nex-Tech Wireless for details at 877-621-2600.