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eSIM at Nex-Tech Wireless
What is eSIM?

eSIM is short for Embedded Subscriber Identity Module, or Embedded SIM. Rather than being available as a physical entity, the manufacturers integrate a small SIM card inside the phone.

Why Activate an eSIM?

The benefits of eSIM are a faster and easier activation process and the ability to have more than one number in the device! eSIM also uses less space in the device which will free up space within the device for future enhancements, such as additional antennas or larger battery capacity. The eventual removal of the SIM card tray will also improve water resistance in future models!



Supported Devices

iPhone SE 3rd Gen
iPad Air 5


How to activate an eSIM

We are currently working on functionality to request and process eSIM activation online. Currently, to receive an eSIM you will need to contact us.

Call or text us at 877-621-3600, use the Live Chat button to chat with one of our local customer care representatives, or stop by any of our convenient locations!