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International Calls & Messaging

Need to make an international call while in the United States? Nex-Tech Wireless customers are able to add International Calling to their plan. International Calling is $1.99/month/line, and per-minute toll charges also apply.
Customers with NTW Unlimited Basic, Bonus, or Binge plan have calls and texts with Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico included at no extra cost.

To enable or disable this feature, please contact Nex-Tech Wireless Customer Care at 877-621-2600, or 611 from your Nex-Tech Wireless phone. You can also visit your nearest Nex-Tech Wireless location.

To make an international call : Dial 011 + country code + city code + local number.

Please note that some countries have been flagged as high risk for fraud and outbound calls to those areas is restricted. If you are unable to complete an international call, please contact our Customer Care team for support. 


Traveling to an international destination? There are various options for service, select the best option for your needs:

  • WiFi Calling - if access to Wifi is available, ensure WiFi Calling is enabled in your device. Calls and messages will be delivered over wifi network!
  • Calling, Messaging, Data Service - Nex-Tech Wireless has international partnerships in various countries. Please see link below for full details of services available. 
  • International eSIM:  For countries outside our partnership network, we recommend purchasing an International esim for your device. Example: OneSim International eSIMs will allow the purchase of a limited plan for the desired countries. Note that international esims will not utilize your NTW phone number. It is recommended to communicate using OTT applications such as iMessage, FaceTime, What's App, Facebook messenger, etc. In order to check NTW voicemail simply dial your number and press * during Voicemail greeting. Enter password and access your voicemail messages.

Click here for a list of countries, country codes, and the rates for both calling and traveling internationally:


International Rates


For more information or assistance regarding International Calling, Roaming and Messaging, please contact Nex-Tech Wireless Customer Care at 877-621-2600 or 611 from your NTW phone.