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BuyBack Program

You can always have the latest and greatest phone! Sell your unwanted or unused devices and receive an account credit up to $300 per device!

Contract Buyout

Stuck in a contract with a company that doesn't care about you? Break it off with your current cell phone company and we will buy out your contract - up to $350 per line! Trade in your old device with our BuyBack Program and receive an additional $300!* *Contract buyout credit amount is dependent upon type of phone and contract term. BuyBack credit is dependent upon the type and condition of phone. Customers must purchase a Nex-Tech Wireless device. This program is not available for Advance Pay.


Get rewarded for doing things you already do! Activate a new line. REWARDED. Upgrade existing service. REWARDED. Refer a friend. REWARDED. Share on Facebook & Twitter. REWARDED. And many other things. REWARDED. Register Online at

Refer A Friend

Refer a friend and you’ll both receive 500 Perkville points! (see above to learn more about Perkville) Just  fill out each card and give it to your friend. 

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