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EPS (Emergency Priority Service)

Nex-Tech Wireless Emergency Priority Services were developed to address the need for prioritizing communications of emergency response, public safety, and security personnel. Wireless network congestion can be caused by a variety of factors, including natural disasters, and can negatively impact capabilities by limiting call completion. EPS provides priority status to those enrolled. Customers with EPS have a greater chance of call completion in these circumstances than those without this service.




Why EPS?

Industries performing critical functions such as law enforcement, emergency services, and public health workers may be negatively impacted by cellular congestion or disruption. These customers should consider enrolling in EPS.


EPS Benefits & Functions

  • EPS is an add on feature that can be enabled on any device capable of Voice over LTE (VoLTE) calling.
  • EPS calls will receive priority over normal cellular calls; however, EPS calls do not preempt calls in progress or deny the general public’s use of cellular networks.
  • Prioritize Mobile Data services, providing unlimited access in the home network without speed reduction. Speeds subject to network availability.
  • Customers are responsible for enrolling in EPS, any required monthly fees, and any associated usage charges

How EPS Works

Nex-Tech Wireless provisions a priority indicator for EPS subscribers. Customers must enable VoLTE services in device for prioritization to apply. To make an EPS call from a mobile phone, you must have a cellular signal.

First Responders – Individual Accounts

All first responders are also eligible for EPS on individual personal accounts. Simply verify your first responder employment or volunteer status (fire, police, EMS). Additionally, by providing verification, you may qualify for our First Responder Affinity Discount. Learn more at:



$4.50 / month (unless included in a proposal from the NTW B2B Team). 

We appreciate your commitment to our communities. Thank you for your public service.



For additional information contact our customer care team at 1-877-621- 2600.