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Do you live in a rural area and are you looking for affordable and reliable Internet? We offer Internet plans that feature different speed levels and flexibility that meet all needs.

Nex-Tech Wireless offers the best routers for home internet – including the BEC 4G/3G router. (Freedom or No Contract/Retail pricing only for Home Internet plans)

1.5 – (1.5 Mbps download, 512Kbps upload, reduced speeds at 100GB)*          $60.00

 3 – (3Mbps download, 768Kbps upload, reduced speeds at 125GB)*              $70.00

 6 – (6Mbps download, 1Mbps upload, reduced speeds at 150GB)*                 $80.00


*Reduced speed is 1 Mpbs download - 512 Kbps upload. Home Internet available in 4G LTE areas only. Please see Network Coverage Map for current 4G LTE availability.