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2024 Capture Kansas Top 12

To help celebrate Kansas’ birthday every year, we have been holding our Capture Kansas Photo Contest! It is always fun to see all of the submissions and is a great way to start off the new year. Some people call Kansas a “flyover” state but we know there is no place like home! As a Kansan, I'm sure you are aware of the natural beauty that this state has. We all seem to have dozens of pictures of the sunset or sunrise on our phones and that is ok! This contest is a great outlet for people to share those photos with the world and show those people who think Kansas is boring how wrong they are!

These photos are not only a great way to show off the beauty of our great state but also to show off the impressive capabilities of today’s smart phone cameras. This year we saw plenty of iPhones, Samsungs, Google Pixels and even a Spartan GoCam! It just goes to show how easy it is to capture such beautiful moments. Below are the top 12 photos as voted by our Facebook followers and friends including our grand prize winner!

Grand Prize Winner

Bailey Burns - iPhone 14 Pro


These top 12 photos will be featured in our Nex-Tech Wireless 2025 calendar as well as have the possibility to be featured in any future advertising. We will give credit to the person who took the photo so be sure to keep an eye  out for these pictures out in the wild throughout the year! If you missed your chance to submit your photo this year, don't worry! Capture Kansas will be back again next year so be sure to get some goo pictures and save them for next January. You can also tag us in any photos you want to share with us throughout the year as we're happy to see them and share them with whoever we can.