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Add Phone Guard before it's too late!



Think you don't need Phone Guard? Did you know...

-1 in 5 smartphones end up with water damage

-35% of smartphone owners have had their phone lost or damaged by a child

-pets cause $3 billion annually in smartphone damage

-42% of smartphone owners have cracked their screen

-32% of claims are from water damage

-1 in 4 cell phones end up stolen


We understand that your wireless device is a significant part of your everyday life, that's why we offer Phone Guard. Available on all devices, Phone Guard is low cost protection against theft, loss, accidental physical damage and post-warranty defects.  Phone Guard is simple, pay the monthly premium, dependent on the tier your device is in.  If you ever need to make a claim visit a store near you, pay the deductible and walk out with a brand new device the same day!


Device Tier Premium Deductible
Tier 1 $5.99 $50
Tier 2 $8.99 $125
Tier 3 $12.99 $199


For more information on the Phone Guard program click here or call Customer Care at 877-621-2600 or 611 from your NTW phone.

If you are interested in enrolling in the Phone Guard program you can simply stop by any of our convenient locations.