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Apple Watch review - Kellie


We have several employees who wear Apple Watches on a daily basis. We've asked them some of their favorite features and we'll be sharing those in a series of blog posts over the next several months! 


First up is Billing Analyst, Kellie. Kellie likes to view pictures on her Apple Watch. She has hers set up to see the last 25 pictures but that can be changed in the settings. She also  likes to see her friends activities like steps and workouts. You can send messages like congratulating them on meeting their fitness goals! Kellie also uses her Apple Watch to view her heart rate, she can access her heart rate for the last 12 hours and see what her heart rate was while resting and walking. Responding to text messages right away is another one of Kellie's favorite features. Even thought Kellie doesn't like to admit it, we know she also uses her Apple Watch to find her iPhone when she's misplaced it. (Don't worry Kellie, it happens to everyone :) ).