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Do you really need to set up Apple ID or Google Account?

Have you ever wondered if you really need to set up the Apple ID or Google Account on your wireless device? The answer is YES! 


We got some insight into the importance of setting up Apple ID or Google Account from our Lead Product Technician, Chad. 


Imagine driving a car, but not using any of the features on it like heat, A/C, radio, windshield wipers, etc.  Now imagine not putting insurance on that vehicle, every day it’s used there’s a chance something might happen, and you won’t have a backup plan to get it fixed.  Sure you can still get the car from point A to B, in most cases without issue, but if it’s 105 degrees out and you won’t use your A/C, you aren’t getting the full functionality of your car. 


That same analogy goes for your Apple or Google smartphone and having an Apple ID or Google Account.  You can use the phone for it’s basic functionality like calls and text messages (driving from point A to B), but without having an Apple ID or Google Account you cannot do many things on your phone.  To download and use any apps, a person is required to have an Apple ID or Google Account.  This is the equivalent of a car’s features like A/C, heat, and things of the like.  Many apps such as weather radars, social media, or bank apps can help you stay connected even when away from a computer. 


What many people also do not know is that same Apple ID or Google ID is also required to create a backup of your device.  With each device you are given a certain amount of space specifically for backing up your phone.  Think of this as the insurance.  If something were to happen to your phone, heaven forbid, this backup can get your phone exactly how it was before losing it.  Both Android and Apple have auto-backup features to make sure you can get back to normal as soon as possible, should something happen to your phone.  Both Apple and Android have password recovery procedures, should you forget it.  It’s important to go through the initial recovery steps while setting up your account to ensure you are able to reset your password if need be.


Long story short, it’s fine to use your phone for the basic features, but if you want to utilize it to help out with nearly any aspect of your digital life, the ID tied to your phone is essentially your key and it’s important to have and commit to memory.