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Happy National App Day!

It’s hard now to think about what we would do without apps. Nowadays, there’s an app for almost anything, from social media apps, to music streaming apps, to apps for turning on and off your lights. Today is national app day so we asked our team what their favorite apps are! Also, don’t forget that Nex-Tech Wireless has its own app that allows you to check your account, make payments, and even file phone guard claims! Look for myNTW in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store!


Stephen - Data Operations
Overcast: Exceptional Podcast App. Speed control, quick skip, download/retention, etc.
Telegram: Better security/private OTT messaging app with desktop client for PC/Mac. Do not use FB messenger!
OneNote: Top tier note taking/knowledge management app from Microsoft
Lens: Microsoft app for scanning receipts, documents, whiteboards. Very helpful in business.
MFA Apps: Duo, Microsoft, Google – in the modern security and computing means 2FA/MFA is critical and these apps meet the call.
Jenni – Human Resources 
I highly enjoy my “Notes” and “Calendar” App ????
I am able to help keep my life straight and organized. They allow me to save information in a physical place that is handy to view any place, any time – with friendly reminders! This lets me be less stressed and enjoy life more as I don’t have to remember every little detail.
Margaret – Collections
I love Rakutan.  I get a check for cashback from my online and even now some in store shopping.  Sometimes stores offer as much 15% back.  Plus you can still use any promo codes or coupons you have.  Right now during the holidays I have scored 10% and 15% back on my favorite stores used for holiday shopping.  National Holidays are usually when the larger percentages are offered.  
Rebecca – Goodland Retail
Mine is fetch, you scan any receipt and you got points that add up to dollars to spend at just about any store. Get paid to shop. 
Tasha – Marketing
I love Grocery List on iOS. Yes, I keep my grocery list there but I also keep a ton of other lists in there too. It’s quick and easy to use, you can checkmark things off your list and you can email your list. It’s also convenient to have it on my phone because I always have my phone and can quickly add things as I think of them!
Marie – Business Relations
This may sound cheesy since I was introduced to this app at work from NTW’s Marketing team, but I really do enjoy Popl. As a sales person, we always try to be prepared with a stash of business cards on hand at all times. Women’s clothing never has  deep pockets and I don’t always carry a large purse, but I do always have my phone! I have a Popl Dot on my phone case and the Popl widget on my home screen that allow for me to share my digital business card with anyone that also has a smartphone. The free digital business card allows for me to have both a profile and background picture to make it look polished and professional. It also stores my name, job title, company I work for, phone number, email, link to a webpage (I use the Business Services page on NTW’s website), a link to my LinkedIn profile, and most importantly a link to my Venmo for Christmas money! The Popl Dot sticks to the back of my phone and allows for quick sharing, but you can use this without a Popl device. When you set up a profile on their app, you are supplied with a unique QR code that can be used for sharing your business card instead. 
Wayne – Networking
My favorite app is Facebook because it allows me to keep in touch with family near and far.  I especially love to see updates on how my nephews are doing in Jr Thunder Hockey!
Kellie – Billing
My favorite app right now is Life 360 for Apple. I have my parents, kids and other family members on it. I like to know where my kids are at all times and this helps. I also like it to see where my parents are when they don’t answer their phones. 
Jennifer – Ellsworth Retail
My favorite app is snapchat. Snapchat helps me stay connected with my friends and family so we can still see each other by sending pictures and videos when we can’t visit in person. 
Gavin – Hutchinson Retail
My favorite app to use is YouTube. Not just is it super educational, but I can use it for anything from how to replace a transmission to just getting a good laugh during the day. It's one of the only apps with endless content for anyone and everyone!
Alex – Marketing
My favorite app right now is Good Lock for Samsung. I just got the Samsung Galaxy ZFlip 4 and so this app adds an extra widget to the cover screen so I can access any app from the cover screen. This means I can watch YouTube, read my texts, and scroll through TikTok all on the small cover screen even when my phone is flipped closed