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iOS 9.3 Update Specs

If you've noticed (or even if you haven't!), Apple has announced their new iOS update, 9.3. I've spent the past few days really getting to know what all it involves, and I'm pretty impressed! 

Probably the most exciting new spec is Night Shift, the new tool that allows you to "warm up" your screen. What I mean by "warm up" is it allows you to soften your background color, so instead of emitting blue lights, orange and red hues are used. This can help cut down on your eye strain when you're up late working, or just messing around on the Internet. Be prepared, when you first try it, its a little strange. I mean your screen is orange after all! After a few days using it consistently, I've hardly notice anymore, and can see a huge difference.




The next big change in the update is in the Notes app. Now, if you're anything like me, you have notes for EVERYTHING. Grocery lists, new music to download, books to read, and probably the most unsafe of passwords to almost everything. Now with the update, I don't have to worry about someone snooping in my notes and discovering it all. Simply set up a password for those individual notes you wish to keep private, perhaps those birthday gift ideas that must be kept a secret? You can also sort your notes based on date or title. This is so helpful to me because I update each of my notes almost once a day. Now they can be organized how I want them! YAY


If you're big on the News app, you'll love this new feature too. Personally, I don't use the News app a ton on my phone but...I might start. Now, your articles are personalized and tailored to what you want to read. So if you love checking in on what's happening on Capitol Hill, but you're not really into celebrity news, your News app can help.

There's so many other features and improvements that this update has brought, but these are the big ones! 

If you have already updated your iPhone, and have experienced problems with Safari, or other apps, there is a new update available, iOS 9.3.1 that is there to fix them!