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App: Lifecake

Category: Lifestyle

Compatibility: iOS and Android


This month’s app suggestion  comes from Tasha, our

Marketing Coordinator.



Your kids grow up fast, and it’s tough to keep all the pictures straight. Lifecake allows you to remember more, remember better, and remember together.


With Lifecake you can:

  • Decide who can access your photos
  • Go to any age in seconds and compare stages from past to present
  • Enjoy photos in one timeline
  • Combine your photos with other’s or share slideshows
  • Add from Dropbox, Facebook, Picasa, or Instagram
  • Family can follow on any phone or computer and get updates automatically when new pictures are added




Tasha says this app is her favorite because… “it allows you to share photos of your children with people you invite to the app. Each photo can be “loved” and commented on and also shows how old your child was when the photo was taken (year, month and day). You can make multiple pages if you have more than one child or make pages for nieces, nephews, etc. There is also an option to select photos to create a slideshow. Even if your photos are deleted from your phone you will still be able to see them in Lifecake, which includes 10GB of free storage!  Your photos are secure and only people who you invite to the app can see your child’s pictures. It’s perfect to remember all those great milestones and picture-worthy moments.”


Lifecake is a great solution for all that love snapping those adorable pictures of their kiddos!