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National Beer Day

Today, April 7th is National Beer Day!

We have several people in our office who love craft beer so we've asked them to share some of their favorite apps with us!


First up is our Sales Manager, Eian
As a beer snob and a smartphone junkie, I absolutely love the fact that there is an app that caters to my vices. I "check-in" my beers religiously, often adding locations and photos. You have the opportunity to rate the beer on a scale of 1-5, and add tasting notes for future reference. The ability to quickly recall beers I've consumed can be helpful because sometimes I simply do not recollect if I've had a beer before. By this stage of the game, I'm sure that most beer drinkers are aware of the beer tracking app - Untappd. This app allows you to log, rate and share beers that you are drinking. Like a social media platform, it allows you to follow friends; you can see what they have logged in and "toast" or comment on their selections. However, as with most addicting apps, there's a gamesmanship aspect to Untappd, allowing you to earn badges based on what beers you log, where you log them from and when you log them. For a forgetful guy like myself, this app is a convenient way to have my drinking history at my fingertips, and the ability to see what people are checking in nearby has definitely led to last minute changes to my drinking agenda. Peering into the cooler at the liquor store not knowing what to try next? Time to call on Untappd, quickly search for the beer of the minute to get details from the brewery, and check ratings from other users to decide if it is right for you.



Another craft beer fan in our office is Alicia, Director of Sales & Customer Development
I second what Eian said! I also use and enjoy Untappd for tracking different brews.
My other go to is an app called Brewee. Visiting local breweries is a staple of any trip we take so we utilize this app to locate and rate the places we've visited. With the list of map view you can plan your trip in advance or find a nearby brewery for a spontaneous visit!