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National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Since 2004, October has been designated as Cyber Security Awareness Month. While Halloween gets all the attention this month, cyber security is a big deal and something we all need to be aware of. In January, we posted about how we, as a wireless company, strive to protect our customers' data privacy unlike some of our big competitors. As your friends and neighbors, we understand the right you have to data privacy and our responsibility to protect your information. However, we simply provide the cellular service to your device.  So while you are covered there, you have to be careful with everything else you do with your phones because there are so many different apps, websites, and online services people use everyday that are all provided by different companies and entities with differing levels of protections and safety.

That is why it is important for you to be aware of everything you do on your phone or tablet this month and work to ensure your information is kept safe. According to the United States Cyber Security & Infrastructure Security Agency,  everyone should do the following during the month of October:

  • Make sure you are using strong passwords
  • Turn on Multi-Factor authentication
  • Learn to recognize and report malicious attacks such as phishing
  • Keep your device software updated

4 Steps to Keep You Cyber Safe

Refresher on NTW’s Mission to Protect its Customers Data and Privacy


If you have any other questions or concerns about your cyber security, you can reach out to our Customer Care team by calling or texting 785-621-2600, sending an email to, or via online chat at