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National Technology Day

By Rebecca at Goodland Retail


It is amazing to think about all of the amazing technology that we have in our lives nowadays. And being someone who works in an industry based around technology, it has been awesome to see and learn about new tech. At NTW, we have a wide variety of devices that we sell from Apple products, Samsung products, to TCLs.


I’m an Apple user myself, but since my husband has the Samsung S23 Ultra, I have really liked what it has to offer. The S23 Ultra has 100x zoom that takes amazing pictures with great quality being clear and colorful. On the other hand, my iPhone 13 Pro as only a zoom of 15x and can sometimes look grainy and blurry. The S23 Ultra has so many other features that iPhone does not offer as well that I enjoy.  I still like my iPhone for the ability to FaceTime and I like being able to link all my Apple products together with the same Apple ID. I now carry a Samsung S24 Ultra as a work phone and the iPhone 13 pro as my personal phone to get the best of both worlds and familiarize myself more with the Android operating system.


iPhone Vs Android memeIn this meme, you can see the difference in quality of zoomed-in photos between my iPhone and my husband's Samsung


 My favorite accessory is my Apple Watch. There have been a few times where I have left my phone behind or lost it and was able to use my watch to find it. The cellular capabilities let me still get calls and text on the watch with the phone not being around. There was one day I left my phone at work and did not realize it until I got a text on my watch and noticed that my phone did not go off with a notification as well. I didn’t think I would use cellular on my watch that often, but it sure has come in handy to have on there.


 With technology always changing and getting more advanced each year, and how much we use technology daily, from online banking, maps, camera, and so many other things we end up using them for. NTW has the perfect device for you even for the not-so-tech customers. For example, we have an old-style basic flip phone for those not quite ready to make the jump to a smart phone. And remember, we don’t expect our customers to be tech experts because that’s our job! Stop in a local NTW location where one of our friendly associates will be happy to help you find the perfect device just for you. If you are in Goodland, be sure to stop by and see me and Pablo!