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One Phone, Multiple Phone Numbers

We are excited to provide Dual SIM options to our Nex-Tech Wireless customers! DUAL SIM gives customers the option to have two phone numbers loaded in the same handset. This would most frequently be used or requested by those customers who have a Personal phone number and a Business phone number. This will help eliminate people having to have two separate phones as each SIM can have a different phone number tied to it. The numbers can be on different accounts, or even with different carriers!

Another great use for dual SIM is international travel. While NTW does have partnerships to allow roaming in various countries, the option to download an international eSIM for your destination can be a cost saver! For full details about options while traveling abroad, visit :

Up until now, most devices had a physical SIM card or pSIM. This is a little piece of technology that is physically added to the device to provide service. While most current devices still include the slot for the pSIM, newer devices are also including an electronic SIM or eSIM that is already built into the device and can be programmed to function just like the pSIM would. In some cases, devices are exclusively using eSIM. Either way, the introduction of eSIM now makes Dual SIM possible.

As of now: 

iPhone 11-13 and SE 3rd Gen can support dual sim in the form of (1) psim + (1) esim. 

NEW – iPhone 14 can support dual sim in the form of (2) esims. 

Coming SOON – eSIM Samsung

 -Samsung S23, S22, S21, S20 Series
  -Samsung Note 20 Series
  -Samsung Z Fold devices
  -Samsung Z Flip devices


Visit your nearest NTW location to set up dual SIM or contact our Customer Care team if you have additional questions!