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Our growing network


We're committed to keeping you covered! Our network team has been hard at work upgrading and expanding our network over the last couple of years. Below are some exciting stats about our network:


in 2016 we - 

  • upgraded over 71 sites to LTE 
  • expanded coverage in Pratt, Kingman, Marion, Morris, Chase and Lyon counties. This new infrastructure increased and improved coverage in these counties and equated to 4,000 sq. miles.


in 2017 we -

  • upgraded over 50 sites to LTE
  • upgraded coverage on i-70 in Colorado to LTE
  • purchased 600 MHz Spectrum for future enhancements


so far in 2018 we've - 

  • upgraded 50 sites to LTE
  • installed 11 additional sites in Lyon & Chase counties to improve voice and data coverage
  • currently deploying WiFi calling & VoLTE (voice over LTE); which will give an HD voice-like calling experience
  • working with additional partners to improve nationwide LTE coverage


Fun facts - 

  • our network expansion has increased our coverage to 40,000 square miles
  • 80% of our coverage will be upgraded to a high speed LTE by the end of 2018
  • within the last 3 years we will have spent nearly $30 million dollars improving our network to better serve our customers


Best of all - our annual capital and operating expenditures are continually invested in the Kansas economy!