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Phones Down, Eyes Up

By Grant at Salina Retail


Earlier this month, our team talked about the dangers of distracted driving. Well, Distracted Driving Awareness Month is coming to an end but that doesn't mean the end of safe driving. Nex-Tech Wireless is here to help you eliminate distractions with some last-minute helpful tips to consider. Did you know that every day here in the USA, over 1100 people are hurt due to distracted driving? That number is too high considering what technology we have nowadays.

          Some things you can do that might help to lower those numbers:

  1. Use Apple CarPlay/Android Auto in your car
    This feature is a game changer! You can navigate your phone with just your voice, leaving your eyes and hands for the vehicle.
  2. Let your passenger do the DJ’ing and texting
    Just a quick glance away from the road could be the last time you ever do anything. Let your friend, family, or another passenger in the car control the tunes and reply to messages for you!
  3. You can always do it later!
    Got a text while driving? Reply later. Got a work email needing done? Do it later! Driving a vehicle requires all of your attention, those little things can wait.