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Social Media Day

By Jill at Scott City Retail


When it comes to social media, there are so many now to choose from. Sometimes it is hard to keep up with them all. However, I have a few favorite platforms that I love and use frequently.  But if I had to narrow it down and pick a favorite, I would have to say Facebook would take that title!


The thing I love the most about Facebook is being able to stay in contact with my family across the globe. While we may be far apart physically, I feel like we’re closer than ever. I can see an update on their life happenings at my fingertips! This is so great because everyone has their own things going on and we’re all busy so even just seeing a post about a life update or family photos helps everyone stay in touch and connected. I also love that Facebook gives me the ability to see my memories.  Seeing pictures of my children from 15 years ago always brings a smile to my face and a little warmth to my heart. It is also interesting to see posts and photos from years ago that I forgot I had even posted! I’m still surprising myself and I love every bit of it!


One of the other perks is Facebook Marketplace.  Being able to sell and purchase items locally makes spring cleaning so easy! I can’t tell you how much I have been able to get rid of while helping someone get something they need. You know what they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Not to mention how I can sometimes find some neat things on there for myself! It is so interesting to see what other people are selling.


It is true that being so attached to social media isn’t the best but like anything, in moderation, it can be great. I love that I can be connected to family over great distances and also love being able to meet new people virtually with the same likes and interests but also know it is important to appreciate what is right in front of me. With that said, I do find the benefits of social media, at least as I use it, outweigh the negatives.


Therefore, Facebook gets my vote for the BEST social media platform, hands down! This reminds me, don’t forget that NTW has a presence on Facebook as well as Instagram, YouTube, X (formerly known as Twitter). My coworker Melissa just recently tried the “watch my boss for a second” trend  on our manager Debra and her reaction was priceless! Check it out and go follow NTW on all our social media so you don’t miss out on other great content! Happy Social Media Day!