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Text message issues on iOS 14

There have been reports of some users' messages disappearing after updating from iOS13 to iOS 14. Some are still seeing notifications for incoming messages but there are no messages in the messaging app. If you are experiencing this issue please:

-connect your phone to a WiFi Hotspot and make sure it is charging
-Open Settings > Your Name at the top (Apple ID) > iCloud
-Toggle the Message Option "On"
-If it is already "On" toggle it off, it will prompt you asking "Disable and continue downloading messages?" > Tap Yes
-Toggle the Messages back to "On"
-Go back to the Messages app, you should see "Downloading messages from iCloud"
-Restart your phone
-When you open the Messages app all messages should appear


For more info visit:


If you are still having issues please contact our Customer Care team at 611 from your NTW phone or 877.621.2600.