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Thankful Thursday - #3

By Amy Miller



This year I am so very thankful for so many different things in my life!  First and foremost, the people!  I am so thankful to have a strong and supportive husband to help make it through all of life’s trials.  Also, I am extremely grateful to have three wonderful children and a daughter-in-law who are healthy, happy and successful, along with a little grandson that is absolute icing on the cake!!  Not to mention, my extended family who have been there with me through thick and thin.  Also, what a blessing it is to have true friends who care and make such a difference in my every day.  I have the very best of the best.  Last, I can’t forget to mention my work family.  I can’t be more blessed to work with such a talented and fun group of people at NTW.  I’m so very blessed and grateful to have all these wonderful people in my crazy life!


Another thing I have reflected on and am thankful for this year is my health.  It’s truly something that I probably took for granted in my younger days, but no longer.  I see others not as fortunate and it serves as a reminder that life here does not last forever and to enjoy it and take care of it while I have it.  I intend to celebrate every day and be thankful for the ability to take good care of myself. 


There is truly not enough space here to talk about all the things I’m thankful for, but it really is the simple things:  A home with heat in the winter and AC in the summer, food on my table every single day, clean air and water, a dependable car to get from A to B….What a great time to ponder and reflect on all the things I take for granted day in and day out.  I am truly blessed and so very thankful.








Amy is an Accounts Receivable Specialist/Executive Admin