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The best new iOS 15 features

Want to know the best new features of iOS 15? Here's a list of our favorites!


Focus is a new feature that can filter notifications and apps, much like do not disturb but with customization features. A user can decide what notifications can show while in Focus mode, if in Focus mode and blocking incoming notifications, your status will be displayed to others in Messages. Create custom Focus groups for different occasions like work hours or winding down for bed.


Maps now offers a new 3D view in cities with significantly enhanced details including showing buildings, pedestrian crosswalks, bike lanes and more! There are also enhancements to city-driving and Transit features.


FaceTime has several new features including Portrait Mode, a new grid view to see more faces at the same time, SharePlay to share media together in sync and you can generate shareable links to schedule FaceTime calls!


Memories has gotten a major update with a new design and an interactive interface and also supports integration with Apple Music to offer song suggestions for personalized Memories.


Live Text is a brand new feature that uses on-device intelligence to recognize text in a photo that users can search for, highlight and copy. 


Health now features a sharing tab that allows users to share selected health data with family or caregivers. Detecting Trends is another new feature in Health that can help users identify meaningful changes in personal health metrics.


New Widgets! There are a number of new widgets available in iOS 15 including Find My, Contacts, Game Center, App Store, Sleep and Mail. 


Don't forget to always connect to Wi-Fi, plug your device in and back up to iCloud before updating to the latest OS.