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The "UNPLANNED" Switch

There I was minding my own business when this tiny phone dropped into my realm unknowing that it would pique my curiosity, due to its size only. Where has this been and what is it? APPLE??? Oh, well never mind, Samsung is where my loyalty lies. Nor did I want a house divided solely due to using “WhatsApp" as our primary source of communication. Abandoning Samsung has never crossed my mind until now. However, I just couldn’t get the feel or the size of the mini phone out of my head or how it felt in my pocket.


The trend seems to be bigger is better. I jumped on that bandwagon but soon learned that is not the case for me. My quest for something smaller was becoming harder and harder each year. My lady pockets don’t support the size of the big phones, I don’t carry a purse, and I don’t want to hold it the entire time. I thought Samsung's Z-Flip 3 was the answer to my needs for having a small phone. However, with a case it became too bulky for me, but it had its perks at times.


Ultimately, my long term relationship with Samsung came to an end due to the size of the iPhone mini. It's only been a week since the switch and I feel like a deserter. As if I committed some sort of crime worthy of punishment, but wow did this feel nice in my hand and my lady pocket. Look out Hays, this introvert might be out and about more now that her phone fits in her pocket. As she no longer fears she will leave it on a table along with her sunglasses.


I was on my own when it came to learning how to navigate iOS as my Samsung cohort, whom I also abandoned, was of minimal assistance. However, I didn’t find the transition to be too terribly difficult, but I do find myself trying to take a screenshot by swiping the screen, not getting the crisp photos I was used to, and missing the user-friendly S-Health. These things I notice less and less each day. I did find that I had 1000’s of photos taking up space that I hadn’t accessed in years. So, did I really need that AMAZING camera? Taking a screenshot by clicking buttons is becoming natural and I'm getting excited about closing my rings each day.


With the switch to Apple I was needing to replace my Samsung watch as well. I primarily used my Samsung watch for tracking my workouts so I was just going to purchase an older generation Apple watch. After researching I decided to add the Apple watch SE to my cell phone plan as it was cellular enabled. The size and weight of the watch was also considerably smaller and lighter than the Samsung watch. All in all I am happy with this switch. Now I’m hoping that the mini doesn’t become a thing of the past as bigger phones are not for everyone.


Norma T.