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What Are You Thankful For?

Here at Nex-Tech Wireless, we are thankful for so much. We are thankful for the friends we’ve made over the years. Our employees are what makes Nex-Tech Wireless great, many of whom have been with us from the very start. We are thankful for our customers and are always striving to provide them with the best service at an affordable rate. We are thankful and proud to call Kansas home.

Here are what a few of our employees said they were thankful for this year. What are you thankful for?


Rebecca – Goodland Retail

“I’m thankful for a healthy family.”


Brenda – Billing

“I am thankful for every day!”


Alicia – Sales & Customer Development

“I am thankful for technology to communicate with my family even when we are far apart.”


Chandra – McPherson Retail

“So, I have to tell a story, because Thanksgiving time is a big deal in my house every year.  My daughter Amanda will be 14 this year, and while I’m thankful for that- she was born in 2008 weighing only 1 lb 3 oz on black Friday.  We both almost died. She spent 4 months in the NICU in Wichita. We usually celebrate her birthday on Thanksgiving since it is so close, and everyone is together.  I am thankful for life, for second chances, for family, and for being able to be together.”


Becky – Customer Care

“I am thankful for my friends and family near and far and to most my daughter that drives me crazy but life wouldn’t be the same without her. J

Thankful for my coworkers that make coming to work every day a pleasure.”


Tasha – Marketing

“I’m thankful for my happy & healthy family.”

  Tasha and her family